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Education really does matter.  We not only need qualifications to help us develop our careers, we also need a whole range of life skills which are constantly growing and changing.  Learning is enjoyable.  It enhances work and leisure and may even extend active life.  Communication skills enhance and enrich our personal relationships.
Whether on its own, or as a supplement to classroom education,  expert, sympathetic, individual tuition will help you to make rapid progress in the way which suits you best.  A tutor will enable you to realise your potential more quickly and more fully.  That is why the best universities build personal tutoring into the course structure.
Even if you are not learning with Education Matters, using the consultancy service will help you to make the best decisions and get the most out of the education system.
There are as many ways of teaching as there are learners.
Robin Brown, BA (hons), AIL, MA, QTS.
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